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"The NZ Coat Of Arms" 2010
Acrylic on Board, 605x605

A variation of the NZ Coat of Arms, featuring ‘Ops’ the Roman goddess of the earth, fertility and wealth and Donatello’s David 1408 also from the Roman period. All set against lake Matheson on New Zealand’s West Coast.


"Darkest Pearl Of The Portrait" 2014
Acrylic on Board, 620x440


Risk wheel.jpg

"Risk Wheel" 2010
Acrylic on Board, 600x610


This took the 2008 Land Transport New Zealand ‘Wheel of Fortune” commercial and created a deeper meaning where a young mother sits on a couch in the middle of the road contemplating her families and her own death after losing the “Risk It All Here” spin of the wheel.


"Kiwi Evolution" 2010
Acrylic on Board, 600x620



A transitional painting from her Greek period to the Erotic period.

Kiwi eggs are held on sacred stone pedestals while the sensual keeper guards the secret grounds and the two skeletal kiwis while wondering what the future of kiwis will become.

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